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Buy Triathilates 1.0 – Fusion and Function – Review

Triathilates 1.0 - Fusion and Function price

Review for Triathilates 1.0 – Fusion and Function

Triathilates, founded by Coach Kelly of Energy Fitness Coaching, LLC, utilizes several basic mat Pilates movements and various other core conditioning and balance exercises to create a workout specifically to improve muscular imbalances of triathletes and endurance athletes while sharpening mental focus. Triathlete positions stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body that often become imbalanced by triathletes.In Fusion, mat basic Pilates moves are fused with core strength and balance exercises to provide a solid base to develop core strength. In Function, mat basic Pilates and functional core conditioning exercises are used to improve strength in the swim, on the bike and on the run. Two 25 minute workouts! Coach Kelly’s Triathilates will strengthen the core, thereby enabling an athlete to transfer that core energy to improvements in swim, bike and run performance. Triathletes will lengthen the body ensuring that proper stretching becomes an integral part of the training program. Triathilates will greatly reduce the risk of injury and make athletes muscularly balanced, strong and flexible. Triathletes will improve the mind and body connection enhancing mental focus and giving the athlete that competitive edge of a laser focus on race day! Triathilates is more than just Pilates. It is likely to be the missing link in most endurance athletes’ training!


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