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Buy Fuel Belt Helium 2-Bottle Belt – 2016 – Review

Fuel Belt Helium 2-Bottle Belt - 2016 price

Review for Fuel Belt Helium 2-Bottle Belt – 2016

When it comes to the absolute best fit, the answer is the all-new Helium Custom 2 or 4-Bottle belt. These are designed for the highest performance we can possibly deliver and have been the flagship design from our very first day.The numbers don’t lie. 10 Hawaii Ironman World Championship titles, hundreds of podium finishes, more big time wins at the biggest events in the world than every other nobody combined. We have very demanding athletes at all levels who have high expectations. For these guys and girls, the old adage is quite true: Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Don’t disappoint.Helium Hex-FoamSuper lightweight, comfortable, and water repellent. Specially designed air channels increase breathability and performance in warm conditions, keeping you cool under pressure.Soft-Touch VelcoVelcro never felt so good. Our hook and loop is the first of it’s kind and your fingers will thank you after a long workout. One touch and you’ll agree that smooth is where it’s at. Nothing else compares.Removable Storage PocketTake your essentials when you need it. Whether it’s your smart phone, nutrition, or money, this zippered pocket has got you covered. Features an internal zippered pocket to keep items seperated and secure. Two 7oz. BPA-Free Bottles Helium Big Grip molded-holsters Breathable Helium Hex-Foam padding Large removable storage pocket Custom Fit wasitband with soft-touch Velcro closure Soft, silicone P2 push-pull bottle caps Small (27-29″) Medium (30-32″) Large (33-35″) XLarge (36-38″)


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