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Buy DeSoto Women’s Carrera Tri Short – 2019 – Review

DeSoto Women's Carrera Tri Short - 2019 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Carrera Tri Short – 2019

We were the first to make a short with no gripper on the legs and we continue to do so – you won’t find squeezing, pressing or uncomfortable gripper here. Made of Carrera Skin, and NEW this year is our one-piece seamless tri pad that extends down the inseam to eliminate all stitching in sensitive areas so all you’re left with is comfort! Contrast micro lock stitch in flattering places to break up the leg panels for comfort and performance, wide-band drawstring-elastic waist with fashionable diagonal flare, and NEW: 2 side pockets, at your request. Look great and be comfortable while training and racing. No gripper on the legs Made of Carrera Skin Fabric One-piece seamless tri pad Contrast microlock stitch Wide-band drawstring-elastic waist 2 side pockets


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