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Buy Blue Seventy Women’s TX1000 Tri Singlet – Review

Blue Seventy Women's TX1000 Tri Singlet price

Review for Blue Seventy Women’s TX1000 Tri Singlet

TX1000 range features great lines, flattering silhouettes and fashionable color combinations all designed to make you look good and perform great when you take on your challenge. Our Velo fabric is hardwearing, while still being comfortable and compressive. Our strategically placed Velo-mesh panels have been added to improve breathability and assist in keeping you cool during high temperatures. Updated pocket configuration for better access to race and training essentials. Flat low pressure shoulder elastics provide improved fit and comfort. Durable, comfortable, and compressive Velo-Mesh Panels ensure increased breathability and keeps you cool in high temperatures Flat low pressure shoulder elastic Back Pocket Internal Shelf Bra


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