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Buy Fizik Tritone Saddle with 7×9 Carbon Rails and Dual Waterbottle/Co2 Mount Kit – Review

Fizik Tritone Saddle with 7x9 Carbon Rails and Dual Waterbottle/Co2 Mount Kit price

Review for Fizik Tritone Saddle with 7×9 Carbon Rails and Dual Waterbottle/Co2 Mount Kit

Not being prey to UCI commissaires and the commission’s seemingly endless list of guidelines for bike and equipment, triathlon has always benefited from being able to experiment with the latest, greatest, fastest, lightest bikes and components. Long course triathlons are particularly grueling as the bike portion is often five to six hours spent in a tight aerodynamic position to shave every second off the split time. The favored position for top elites as well as professionals in the sport is a tenuous balancing act on the nose of the saddle. Traditional road saddles are not comfortable on the soft tissue of the pubic bone. Fizik has developed a lightweight, innovative saddle that specifically addresses this position with its Tritone Carbon Braided Saddle. What makes the Tritone Saddle different from a typical road saddle? Well, the shape is designed for riders who are rolled forward. This position puts pressure on the front of the pelvis which, in both males and females, isn’t exactly comfortable. The width of the saddle is 135mm, but this is not measured at the paddle. In a traditional bike saddle, the paddle is the widest part. However, the Tritone features a paddle that gradually tapers off. The widest part of the saddle occurs approximately where the pelvis sits when rotated forward. Even more importantly, the Tritone includes a wider nose, so that there is ample support for your pubic bone as well as a deep cut-away channel to further decrease pressure on delicate soft tissue. And to boot, even though triathlon doesn’t require it, the Tritone is a UCI legal 240mm long. This makes it an ideal solution for road time-trialists who also find themselves balancing on the nose. The rails of the Tritone Carbon Braided are, you guessed it — carbon. The braided carbon fiber is wrapped with an added layer of fiber which increases durability. It also adds texture at the seat clamping zone which keeps your saddle from slipping. Triathlon Saddle Carbon Rails Water Bottle Mounts 55mm wide nose


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