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Buy Orca Women’s RS1 Predator Compression Wetsuit – Review

Orca Women's RS1 Predator Compression Wetsuit price

Review for Orca Women’s RS1 Predator Compression Wetsuit

New to the Orca range, the Orca RS1 Predator, is constructed from the most advanced materials and up-to-date technology available to swim specific wetsuits. It’s almost full-body coverage of 44 cell Yamamoto neoprene ensures the most supple material providing excellent range of motion, flexibility, buoyancy and a lightness in weight. Nano ICE, an Orca exclusive! The fastest coating on the market to give you a performance edge. The Predator also uses Exo-Cell2 – the latest upgrade to the very popular Exo-Cell. This material is 30% more buoyant than the Aerodome. The Exo-Cell2 is located on the lumbar to give core buoyancy and aid with stability in the water. All new for 2013 is Pressure Function. 3mm(PF) on the calves and forearms give compression on the extremities to aid bloodflow back to the heart and also reduce muscle oscillation. On the shoulders and arms 2mm(PF) helps reduce muscle oscillation whilst still providing excellent range of motion and flexibility. Bamboo Infinityskn Lining – Unparalleled Flexibility and Next to Skin Comfort Pressure Function Yamamoto Neoprene – World First Compression Yamamoto Neoprene on Forearms, Shoulders, and Calves – Reduced Muscle Oscillation and Increased Blood Flow and Blood Oxygenation Nano Ice Coating – Highest Grade of Drag Reducing Technology Available 44 Cell Panels – Almost Full Body Coverage of 44 Cell – The Highest of Grades of Yamamoto Neoprene Giving Maximum Flexibility, Comfort and Range of Movement Exo-Cell2 Lumbar Panels – For Core Buoyancy and Stability – Strategically Placed to Aid Hip Rotation and Balance in the Water, Optimum Swim Position for Greater Speed Low Profile Neck 2 – Limits Water Entry, Reduces Chafing, Reduces Drag, Concealed Stitching Slipstream Zip – Low Drag, Easy to Use Speedway SCS Flex Panel – Fast Removal of Suit Enabling Faster Transition Times 3D Cut Leg – Contoured to Fit Shape of the Calf For Increased Comfort and Compression


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