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Buy Speedfil A2 Hydration System – Review

Speedfil A2 Hydration System price

Review for Speedfil A2 Hydration System

Turn a standard water bottle into a Speefil system. The patent pending Speedfil A2 system works with any Specialized thread compatible water bottle in both 21 and 24 ounce sizes. The wind tunnel developed A2 model is designed to be used with triathlon/TT aerobars. The A2 achieves its superior aerodynamics by it’s key location within the riders cockpit. The athlete’s arms shield the device, thus becoming invisible to the wind. The patent pending Zerosplash technology virtually eliminates fluid splashing so wet and sticky handlebars are a thing of the past. The design allows for rapid refilling on the fly, hands free drinking and easy cleaning. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large variation of aerobar syles, sizes and individual bike cockpit configurations, we do not include the mounting hardware at this time. There are several mounting options currently on the market. Each rider will need to decide which type will work best for their individual set up. Aerodynamic/low profile Zerosplash – No splashing on handlebars Works with any specialized thread compatible botttle (21 and 24 oz. sizes) Hands free drinking Easy to clean Multiple mounting options


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