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Buy TYR Men’s Carbon Zipper Back Short John Trisuit W/Pad – Review

TYR Men's Carbon Zipper Back Short John Trisuit W/Pad price

Review for TYR Men’s Carbon Zipper Back Short John Trisuit W/Pad

The TYR MEN’S CARBON ZIPPER BACK SHORT JOHN TRISUIT W/ PAD is the peak of performance technology, it is made of a textile that optimizes the function of the athlete’s body, impacting body temperature, breathing, heart rate and lactic acid concentrations. The effects of the TYR Carbon’s ability to lower body temperature is huge. The Carbon fabric evaporates perspiration away from the body much quicker than standard polyester materials, in a recent test, athletes exhibited fluctuations in body temperature 3x lower than in traditional tri apparel. The compressive materials in this fabric also help an athlete to achieve exceptional breathing and a slower heart rate, Carbon wearers will experience decreased oxygen need of 3 liters per minute, along with reduced respiration rates. Heart rates of Carbon wearers measured four beats per minute slower than athletes in polyester, meaning in a four hour run an athlete will have saved about 1,000 heartbeats! TYR has outfitted their Carbon line with the very best features and materials, their new AMP Pad is the ultimate tri pad. The multi-channeled chamois insert is engineered to perfectly follow your body in motion and support weight distribution in the aero position. Its advanced elasticity is in a class by itself, letting it noticeably expand and contract with every pedal stroke. There’s no irritation and no chafing. All of these features are coupled with the beaded leg grip, 50+ SPF/UV materials, and fast drying properties; when you wear TYR Carbon you will be experiencing the very best in a game-changing clothing line created for triathletes who want to achieve their full potential. Quick Drying Cooling Fabric-cools your body down 3x lower than polyester 50+ SPF/UV Flat-Lock Seams ITU Compliant 12 inch Zipper w/ removable clip lanyard Silicone beaded leg gripper Carbon AMP Chamois-breathable, stretches to your movements The AMP Chamois makes it perfect for a medium to long distance race Fabric: Nylon, Spandex (teflon-coated), Lycra, Carbon (Flash moisture technology) Sizes: S-XL Colors: Black/Red, Grey/Black, Navy/Red, Red/Black


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