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Buy Blue Seventy Women’s PZ2TX Swimskin – 2019 – Review

Blue Seventy Women's PZ2TX Swimskin - 2019 price

Review for Blue Seventy Women’s PZ2TX Swimskin – 2019

Go Fast SuitWe obsess over details. So while the PZ4TX features the very best in design and technology, the PZ2TX simplifies the swimskin. Hydrophobic fabrics with welded seams reduce surface drag. Biomechanically engineered compressive properties drastically lower wave drag and boost performance. The locking zipper allows you to slip through the water and transition with ease. Energy Fabric Teflon coated energy fabric provides an excellent fit, great coverage and exceptional speed in the water. Heat Regulating White heat reflective fabric at the upper back provides optimal thermoregulation. Locking Zipper Advanced YKK auto locking zipper (no string or lanyard needed). This unique zipper system reduces drag, is faster to remove and due to its light weight and flexibility, is more comfortable. Low Drag Ultra sonic bonded seams for seamless surface flow.


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