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Buy Total Immersion Swimmer Bundle 3DVD’s + Book – Review

Total Immersion Swimmer Bundle 3DVD's + Book price

Review for Total Immersion Swimmer Bundle 3DVD’s + Book

Swimmer Bundle includes DVD’s: BetterFly for Every Body, Breastroke for Every Body, Backstroke for Every Body and book Extraordinary Swimming for Every Body.Each DVD includes: ” Live Lesson” segments in which Terry teaches you each step of the learning sequence ” Beneath the Surface” segments in which you can study the key refinements and coordination of each step in slow motion and from every angle, above and below the surface. A section showing TI Coaches practicing the drills and skills for each stroke. Book helps you: Apply the “secrets” of the world’s best swimmers – balance, “slippery” bodylines, and fluency – in every stroke. Eliminate energy-robbing drag through active streamlining and tap effortless power from your core. Learn at your own speed with step-by-step skill drills, illustrated with dozens of surface and underwater photos. Discover how to be your own best coach with clear, simple, practical guidance.


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