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Buy TriSwim Body Wash – 2019 – Review

TriSwim Body Wash - 2019 price

Review for TriSwim Body Wash – 2019

TriSwim Chlorine-Out Body Wash contains Aloe which moisturizes and helps protect from environmental elements like the sun. The citrus scent of TriSwim Body Wash also contains Vitamins A and E, plus Pro Vitamin B5 which is a penetrating moisturizer that acts as a healing agent for the skin. 8 oz. In order to keep your skin healthy and glowing it is very important to take the extra steps to remove the harmful toxins and chemical compounds that readily binds to the skin. Just massage TriSwim Body Wash into your entire body, then rinse thoroughly and you will have beautiful glowing skin. Next, dab on a bit of TriSwim Lotion to complete your personal care routine. TRISWIM Body Wash is specifically formulated to remove Chlorine, Bromine, salt water and chemical odor from the skin. Moisturizes with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and ProVitamin B5. Heals and soothes dry skin. Chamomile and Watercress relieves symptoms caused by Eczema, dry, and itchy skin irritations caused by Chlorine, Salt and Sun. Grapefruit Yuzu Citrus Scent is appealing to men, women and children and is considered a “salon quality” product. Encouraged to use every day to help build stronger, healthier skin. No animal testing / Paraben Free / Gluten Free. TRISWIM is the Official Hair & Skin Care product for United States Masters Swimming. Successfully formulating and selling to swimmers of all ages since 2004.


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