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Buy Blue Seventy Men’s Tri Distance Singlet – Review

Blue Seventy Men's Tri Distance Singlet price

Review for Blue Seventy Men’s Tri Distance Singlet

Lightweight, quick drying, gender specific patterns and detailing make the Distance top the choice for the distance athlete or those seeking optimal garment performance. Ultra lightweight mesh backs, combined with coldblack front panels create a breathable, heat defeating garment, while the front zippers allow further control of core temperatures. Rear pockets mean you always have adequate storage, while generous shoulder coverage reduces your exposure to the elements. ColdBlack Technology: Coldblack finish, reflects infrared heat rays significantly reducing heat absorption, perspiration and improving performance. Lab testing shows, the coldblack treated dark colors reduce core temperature more than non-treated light colors Micro weave fabric maximizes cooling airflow and reduces wet weight Low Seam Count: Less seams = less drag. Engineered to maximize vertical seam placement and minimize horizontal drag producing seams. Rear covered pockets with reflective tape for swim drag reduction, security, and visibility Graduated compression for fit, circulation and muscle performance Long course seam structures for improved all day comfort Low pressure shoulder elastic Body mapping cool mesh panels Flat lock construction for low seam drag and comfort


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