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Buy Zoot Men’s CompressRx Sock – Review

Zoot Men's CompressRx Sock price

Review for Zoot Men’s CompressRx Sock

ZoneRx: Specific degrees of zoned compression, tuned to each muscle group. CRx: Graduated, for compressive action that speeds bloodflow back to the heart. SynchroRx: Lightweight PolyPro and anti-microbial Silver Tech work together for a comfortable, odor-free, lasting fit. Recently, Zoot finished a six-week study investigating the efficacy of its new compression line called CompressRX. CompressRX was developed in partnership with a leading medical compression company to provide the first-ever zoned-muscle and graduated-compression line. It is through current and past research that Zoot has set out to prove that CompressRX is a viable solution for multisport athletes as both a recovery and training tool. The use of compression garments in triathlon is becoming increasingly more common among athletes as the garments have been shown to promote everything from an increase in oxygenation to a decrease in recovery time. However, findings show that current sport-based compression provides similar ranges of compression compared to a traditional running tight. Zoots CompressRx provides a much higher and more controlled level of compression than that which is currently available. Our findings from the study indicate that differences can be observed in the areas of physiological, physical, performance, and perceived exertion measures in CompressRx. Furthermore, triathlon is a sport that requires hours of training and racing and is known to cause deep muscle damage as part of a normal training regimen. That being understood, the triathletes needs to avoid chronic muscle damage to maintain consistent training and racing, and the desire to reduce the recovery time associated with such training, suggests that CompressRx would be a viable solution.


Buy Amanzi Men’s Iguana Jammer – 2018 – Review

Amanzi Men's Iguana Jammer - 2018 price

Review for Amanzi Men’s Iguana Jammer – 2018

You’ve got your safari hat on, the mosquito spray working wonders and your finger is on the trigger of your camera waiting to capture the perfect photo of one of nature’s intriguing lizards, the iguana. You watch as it slowly moves with the cactus shading itself from the sun when, boom you capture an image that Sir Attenborough himself would be proud of. Product Features: AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric Bright Green Gusset Lining Only Elasticated Waistband AMANZI Logo Hidden Drawstring Maximum 50+ UV Protection Silver Foil AMANZI LogoAbout AMANZI ARMOR Fabric: Chlorine Proof Fabric Designed and milled in Italy, AMANZI ARMOR is the latest in high performance chlorine resistant fabric making it the superior choice with competitive and active swimmers. Chlorine Resistant Provides maximum strength and durability and will continue to perform in chlorinated environments. Maximum UV Protection. Protects the skin from the suns harmful UV rays with a maximum protection rating of UPF 50+ wet or dry. Perfect Fit – Moulds to the natural contours of the body giving you freedom of movement when swimming. Excellent Shape Retention The swimsuit will continue to retain its shape even after extended use. Two Way Stretch: Two way stretch properties allow for comfort and freedom of movement when swimming. Super Soft to Touch: Pleasant on the skin as it is super soft to touch and always smooth. Exceptional Breathability: Absorbs sweat during training and allows for natural evaporation. Quick Drying: Dries quickly so it will be ready to wear for your next training session. Low Absorbency: Does not hold or retain large amounts of water during or after use. Superior Color Fastness: Will continue to retain it’s vibrancy and color even after extended use.


Buy Blue Seventy Vision Swim Goggle – 2019 – Review

Blue Seventy Vision Swim Goggle - 2019 price

Review for Blue Seventy Vision Swim Goggle – 2019

Perfect for all competitive and training environments, the Vision will withstand salt, fresh and pool water abuse. It offers wide peripheral vision from a super soft silicone eye gasket, and utilizes a simple button adjustment system and an extremely durable strap. Oversized design provides excellent coverage, durability and is our most secure fitting goggle for rough open water swims 180 degree vision from curved angled anti-fog lenses Integrated unibody nose bridge Thick silicone split strap provides secure placement and side frame button adjustment makes it easy to dial in the fit


Buy Zoot Men’s Wave 2 Wetsuit – 2017 – Review

Zoot Men's Wave 2 Wetsuit - 2017 price

Review for Zoot Men’s Wave 2 Wetsuit – 2017

For the best relationship between the swimmers body and the water, we’ve used the latest technology to perfect stroke, body roll, body position and overall hydrodynamics. We strive to help swimmers have their strongest and most powerful swim in our wetsuits. Yamamoto #39 Yamamoto GLIDEflex – Grooved panels of thin neoprene increase the stretch of the wetsuit for maximum lung expansion and unrestricted extension. SCS hydrodynamic finish – Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating that reduces friction, allowing the wetsuit to glide through the water more efficiently. AQUAlift buoyancy panels – The AQUAlift buoyancy panels in the lower core and rear raise the legs and torso to put the body in the most effective swimming position for maximum power and speed. COMFORTcell Gold 100% Nylon Super thin neck with fuse welded SCS 2mm Speed Release Ankle Panels Zero Water wrist cuff closure OKD – Optimal Kick Design – Zoot’s proprietary leg patterning works with the anatomy of the swimmers legs to increase kick velocity, frequency, and efficiency. The unique pattern reduces leg muscle fatigue allowing for a stronger kick throughout the entire swim. DORSALflex zipper FLEXback design with 100% broken knit Nylon – A premium patterned design throughout the back and shoulders of the wetsuit that uses a 2mm Yamamato #40 neoprene. The flexibility in the back and the shoulders allows for full range of motion during the catch and recovery phase,reducing shoulder fatigue. The interior fabric features BGX broken knit structure lining to maximize stretch. Durable Moontape and spot reinforcements Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels


Buy 2XU Women’s Compression Tri Suit – 2018 – Review

2XU Women's Compression Tri Suit - 2018 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Compression Tri Suit – 2018

Designed with the long distance competitor in mind, the Compression triathlon range incorporates 105D/CK fabrication with muscle mapping and ICE X cooling technologies. Reduced muscle oscillation, cooling and UV blocking promotes endurance and provides protection against the challenges of long course racing; injury, fatigue, heat and the sun.QUADRICEP MAPPING – Reduces the impact and dissipates the load transfer on the knee joint. Aids in knee joint biofeedback, reducing excessive knee joint wear and tear. Extra support is given to the quad muscle fibers to help reduce muscle strain and fatigue.GARMENT FEATURES01. Lightweight yet powerful PWX fabric02. Aerodynamic, dimpled airflow technology for heightened endurance and speed03. Premium Italian engineered silicon gripper for a secure fit and perforated for comfort04. Ergonomically engineered paneling for ultimate comfort and support05. Easily accessible rear pockets to hold essential hydration gels06. Semi-auto lock zip07. Elite LD Chamois integrated into an inner leg gusset for advanced support, no chafe and comfort while on the bikeFABRIC BENEFITS01. CF and CB Panels – ICE X – Utilising high filament polyester cooling yarn construction to lower your body temperature while you work out. Coupled with 50D elastane yarn to give the right amount of stretch and recovery for swimming, cycling and running.02. Lower Body – 105D/CK – Featuring 105 denier LYCRA yarns for even greater power than 2XU’s acclaimed 70D/CK, the 105D/CK is engineered to enhance performance like never before. Offering incredible stabilization of the muscles, less vibration and fatigue, while moisture management properties keep the wearer dry, comfortable and focused.03. Shoulder and Side Panels – KINETIC SPEED – Greater speed on the bike and slight compression of the muscles for heightened endurance and power. Aerodynamic, dimpled airflow technology.04. ELITE LD CHAMOIS – This multi-layered chamois features revolutionary perforation technology for ventilation plus impressive quick drying capability for greater comfort on the bike. High filament count delivers durability and softness against the skin while high density foam offers support.


Buy Blue Seventy Mens TX1000 Tri Singlet – Review

Blue Seventy Mens TX1000 Tri Singlet price

Review for Blue Seventy Mens TX1000 Tri Singlet

The men’s TX1000 Tri Singlet features great lines, a flattering cut and fashionable colour combinations designed to make you look good and perform great.For the athlete looking for high-end performance without a high-end price tag our TX1000 range delivers all of the must have features of a triathlon garment. From our signature back designs, strategically placed cooling panels, durable and highly functional mid-compressive base fabric, the TX1000 line will surprise you as a highly competitive option.POCKETS: A single large back pocket features reflective trim.FABRIC: Our Velo fabric is comfortable and compressive while mesh panels improve breathability and assist in keeping you cool in high temperatures. CONSTRUCTION: Low pressure shoulder elastics provide improved fit and comfort.


Buy Orca Women’s 226 Tri Jersey – 2018 – Review

Orca Women's 226 Tri Jersey - 2018 price

Review for Orca Women’s 226 Tri Jersey – 2018

The 226 Womens Tri Jersey offers high performance for long distance racing. Using a mix of technical Stretchskin fabric for outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics with excellent UV protection, along with Vapor-Cool on the chest and underarms to naturally cool the body and promote fast wicking to keep you feeling drier longer in hot conditions. Three large rear pockets across the lower back gives plenty of room to store the nutrition you need within easy reach.Stretchskin This next-generation technical fabric fits the body like a second skin to offer outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics, along with exceptional breathability. Used on the sides, lower back, and shoulder panels it allows for quick drying and and excellent UV protection.Vapor-cool Used on the chest and underarm panels of the jersey, the nano-crystal technology with UPF50+ sun protection keeps the body cool and promotes fast wicking to keep you feeling drier in hot conditions.Storage Three large rear pockets across the lower back give you plenty of room to store the nutrition you need within easy reach in a position that minimizes bounce.


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