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Buy Bell Star Pro Helmet with Transitions Shield – 2017 – Review

Bell Star Pro Helmet with Transitions Shield - 2017 price

Review for Bell Star Pro Helmet with Transitions Shield – 2017

TRANSITIONS ADAPTIVE SHIELDS ADAPTS TO CHANGING LIGHT CONDITIONSAUTOMATICALLY ADAPTS TO CHANGING LIGHT CONDITIONS Some of the best cyclists in the world often battle uncomfortable sunlight and weather conditions throughout the day. Bell and Transitions Optical, maker of industry-leading photochromic technology, have teamed up to offer cyclists a new Bell Star Pro helmet shield that automatically adjusts to outdoor light. Transitions adaptive technology allows clear cycling shields to darken in bright sunlight, for increased contrast and improved distance and depth perception. The Bell Transitions cycling shield has a light tint in overcast weather or when the sun is positioned low. As sunlight intensifies, the tint conveniently darkens to provide comfort from distracting glare and protection from harmful UV rays. When the sun goes down, the shield tint will gradually return to clear, giving you an all-day visual advantage in one convenient shield. Active Aero – Integrated slider button opens and closes vents, giving the rider the ability to regulate airflow and aero efficiency Cinch Guide – Fixed-position strap design with a side to side adjuster piece that lets you set positioning one time for a comfortable fit and less hassle Float Fit – A high-performance fit system that minimizes weight and simplifies adjustment with “float design” arms that cradle the occipital lobe on the back of the head ICEdot Enabled – ICEdot is an emergency notification service taht syncs a secure online profile with a helmet sticker that contains a unique code In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell Lightweight Kit Magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield Progressive Layering – The process of engineering a helmet liner with variable EPS foam densities to better manage the transfer of energies after some impacts X-Static Padding – Quick-drying pad materials, woven with real silver fibers, inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungiSPECIFICATIONWEIGHT: 302 GramsVENTS: 15SIZING: S: 52-56cm, M: 55-59cm, L: 58-62cmCERTIFICATION: CE EN1078 CPSC Bicycle


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