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Buy Sugoi Women’s RS Triathlon Short – Review

Sugoi Women's RS Triathlon Short price

Review for Sugoi Women’s RS Triathlon Short

Sublimated Tri Short for race days and training days Flat seams enhance comfort and deliver a low profile fit Smooth, stitch-free finish at leg opening is grippy and comfortable throughout wide range of motion Perforated forward ventilation 4-way stretch side panels mold to body contours Brushed synthetic knit with 2-way stretch with V-Control high density vibration dampening relief pads Welded center channel with perforation for ventilation and pressure relief V-Notch for ventilation Advance lamination process for smooth seam free surface Fabric: Evolution Aero, Ultra Aero Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester/ 20% Spanex Fabric Metrics: 6.20 ox/ yd2 210 gsm Chamois: Women’s Tri Lite 2


Buy Orca Women’s 226 Tri Singlet – 2018 – Review

Orca Women's 226 Tri Singlet - 2018 price

Review for Orca Women’s 226 Tri Singlet – 2018

A stylish piece to add pop to your long distance triathlon outfit, our 226 Womens Singlet uses the technical Stretchskin fabric to fit like a second skin and improve aerodynamics whilst providing UV protection. Side panels of naturally cooling Vapor-Cool provide excellent breathability while two angled covered rear pockets give you plenty of space for the nutrition you need. A built-in Cool Breath Internal Bra provides extra support where you need it.Stretchskin Used on the shoulders and arms of the Tri Jersey, this next-generation technical fabric fits the body like a second skin to offer outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics, as well as excellent UV protection.Vapor cool Used on the chest and side panels, the nano-crystal technology with UPF50+ sun protection keeps the body cool and promotes fast wicking to keep you feeling drier in hot conditions.Storage Two angled covered rear pockets give you plenty of space to store the nutrition you need within easy reach.Comfortable Support The criss-cross back straps fit the singlet perfectly to your body shape, offering maximum comfort.


Buy TYR Women’s Vesi Femme Mirrored Goggle – 2019 – Review

TYR Women's Vesi Femme Mirrored Goggle - 2019 price

Review for TYR Women’s Vesi Femme Mirrored Goggle – 2019

TYR active goggles provide an assortment of options for water enthusiasts to take with them from the practice pool to the beach. Beyond boundaries. Speed adjustment – Simple release button for quick head strap adjustment Low profile design – Close fit designed to create minimal drag in competition Wide peripheral range – Increased viewing range for optimal sighting Durafit silicone gaskets – Durable and hypoallergenic compression molded cushioning for a comfortable, watertight seal Unibody construction


Buy 2XU Womens Fusion Trisuit – Review

2XU Womens Fusion Trisuit price

Review for 2XU Womens Fusion Trisuit

Utilizing light weight 2XU Dark Shield fabric technology, this outstanding Trisuit will stay cool through warm workout conditions. Elegant back key hole design ventilates the wearer while Dark Shield fabric reduces heat build-up by reflecting infrared heat rays. Quick drying and body cooling, this impressive Fusion Trisuit is engineered for high performance racing in the heat.DARK SHIELD A black fabric as cool as white, this high gauge light weight fabric with Swiss coldblack treatment works to reduce heat build-up by reflecting infrared heat rays from the wearer. 40 gauge fabric technology assures minimum weight and high breathability. Fast drying and body cooling, this impressive fabric is engineered for high performance racing in warm climates.FUSION PRO 2 CHAMOIS Utilizing the latest Italian fabric technology, 2XU’s Fusion Pro 2 chamois represents the epitome in varied density cushioning for cyclists. This multi-layer chamois offers revolutionary perforated membrane technology with maximum support 120 density rear padding, graduated to 80 and 40 in relevant regions. Leading membrane technology for moisture management and ergonomically designed for the female anatomy. Fusion Welded Seams Rear Pockets Seamless Gripper Dark Shield Fusion Pro X Chamois


Buy 2XU Men’s Perform Tri Singlet – 2019 – Review

2XU Men's Perform Tri Singlet - 2019 price

Review for 2XU Men’s Perform Tri Singlet – 2019

Re-engineered in accordance with RMIT University’s latest research, the Perform Tri Singlet delivers the advanced cooling and ventilation technologies required to conquer the rigors of triathlon. The Italian SBR VENT fabric delivers extreme cooling properties while being exceptionally aerodynamic, paired perfectly with SENSOR MESH X zoned paneling for vital moisture management and air flow management. ICE X – To cool the skin’s surface temperature and for moisture control ERGONOMICALLY ENGINEERED PANELING – Providing unrivaled comfort and maximizing aerodynamics EASILY ACCESSIBLE REAR POCKETS – To hold your race-day essentials 1/4 LENGTH SEMI-AUTO LOCK ZIPFABRIC BENEFITS SBR VENT (CF AND CB PANELS): This Italian fabric, engineered in accordance with RMIT University’s fabric technology testing, delivers extreme cooling properties while being exceptionally aerodynamic. Low denier construction, 3D mesh structure and cross-section yarns ensure the ultimate fabric to keep your body cool, dry and comfortable. SENSOR MESH X (MESH PANELS): Utilizing a nylon-LYCRA fiber matrix with high-filament hydrophilic nylon yarn and optimal air flow engineering, Sensor Mesh represents the ultimate in moisture management. With the inclusion of LYCRA fiber from Invista, unparalleled comfort is assured.


Buy GU Energy Chews – Box of 18 1.9 oz. Packets – Review

GU Energy Chews - Box of 18 1.9 oz. Packets price

Review for GU Energy Chews – Box of 18 1.9 oz. Packets

Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Chews pack energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of long duration activities. The 90-calorie packet contains carbohydrates to keep you fueled while delaying bonking by sparing your glycogen stores. Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, aids in hydration by maintaining water balance. The branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine) may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage. Also known as GU Chomps.FAQ’sShould I use GU Energy Chews instead of GU Energy Gel?We still insist that GU Energy Gel (and Roctane Energy Gel) is the ideal source of fuel for an athlete while training or racing, but just in case you crave something to sink your teeth into, we’ve created GU Energy Chews. Chews contain all the benefits of GU Energy Gel, in a chewable form.Do GU Energy Chews have caffeine? The Strawberry and Black Cherry flavors have 20mg of caffeine per serving, and Raspberry has 40mg, while Blueberry Pomegranate, Orange, and Watermelon are caffeine free.How do you eat GU Energy Chews? GU Energy Chews have a perferated strip at the top that allows you to squeeze out one Chomp at a time. Remember, 4 Chews equal 1 serving.How many packets of GU Energy Chews do I need? 1 packet of Chews contains 2 serving, or 8 chews, which will provide enough fuel for 30 to 45 minutes each. That said, all athletes are different and we encourage you to experiment with what works best for you. Remember to hydrate along the way!How long do GU Energy Chews take to work? Since Chews are semi-solid it will take a little longer than with a gel for your body to feel the effects. The nutritional benefit of Chews should hit your bloodstream within 10-15 minutes.Are Chews safe for children? Chews are safe for children to eat, but remember that the Strawberry, Black Cherry, and Raspberry flavors contain caffeine.Are Chews gluten free? As with all GU Energy Labs products, Chews are gluten free.Are Chews dairy free? Yes.Is GU Chews Kosher? GU Energy Gel, Roctane Energy Gel, GU Hydration Drink Mix.


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