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Buy TYR Womens Competitor 8″ Tri Short – Review

TYR Womens Competitor 8

Review for TYR Womens Competitor 8″ Tri Short

The TYR WOMEN’S COMPETITOR 8″ TRI SHORT is a part of the Competitor line which has been determined to meet the needs of training and racing. One important aspect of the TYR Competitor line is their new AMP Pad, which is the ultimate tri pad. The multi-channeled chamois insert is engineered to perfectly follow your body in motion and support weight distribution in the aero position. Its advanced elasticity is in a class by itself, letting it noticeably expand and contract with every pedal stroke, so their is no irritation or chafing. The competitor series also features a tricot fabric that has excellent stretch with extra compression to support those tired muscles; this fabric also has a soft feel to ensure total comfort throughout the duration of your race. The competitor clothing line features 50+ SPF/UV protection, silicone beaded leg grippers for a no ride-up grip, stretch woven drawcord, and a zippered back pocket for storing race day nutrition. Its no surprise that TYR is named for the Norse god of warriors, because training is a battle, and TYR prepares you to triumph. Quick Drying Tricot fabric-stretch, compression Fabric has soft feel against skin-no chafing 50+ SPF/UV protection Silicone beaded leg grippers Stretch woven drawcord Zippered back pocket 8″ Inseam Women’s specific AMP chamois-breathable, stretches to your movements The AMP chamois makes it perfect for a medium to long distance race Fabric: Nylon, Spandex


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