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Buy Zoot Mens Ovwa 2.0 Tri Shoe – Review

Zoot Mens Ovwa 2.0 Tri Shoe price

Review for Zoot Mens Ovwa 2.0 Tri Shoe

The Ovwa 2.0 has the smoothest ride you’ll find. The 10mm offset, Carbon Span+ and top loaded Z-Bound makes this race day shoe worthy of your training runs. 2 lace options and loads of fun await you. 2 density midsole for essential guidance CarbonSpan+ for performance fast feel Z-Bound for maximum cushioning Traditional and speed lacing to meet your needs [Stability Post] Multi-density midsole supports the arch to guide the foot to the most balanced stride [CarbonSpan+] Lighter, stronger and faster. Tunable control that maximizes a smooth, powerful “toe off” for effortless forward momentum without forefoot fatigue [ZVA] Proprietary Zoot compression-molded EVA for cushioning [Tri-Dry] The sweat most shoes absorb weights you down and slows you down. Tri-Dry limits water retention and keeps your shoes feeling light and feeling fast [Z-Bound] Less weight, better cushioning. Over the long haul, the super light proprietary Z-Bound midsole rebounds a runner’s energy, reducing stress and fatigue Lightweight Shoes weighing 9.0oz/255g or less fir men and 8.0/226g or less for women Guidance Guides your foot to a neutral toe off in your run stride Racing Racing is about performance and performance mean’s the close to the ground the firmer the midsole the faster you go Training For those athletes who want or need the most cushioning in their running shoes


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