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Buy Louis Garneau Le Tour MIPS Cycling Helmet – 2018 – Review

Louis Garneau Le Tour MIPS Cycling Helmet - 2018 price

Review for Louis Garneau Le Tour MIPS Cycling Helmet – 2018

We recommend the Le Tour MIPS helmet for anyone who enjoys safe leisurely bike rides both on the road and in the forest. This helmet offers head protection worthy of high-end models, but for a very low price. It is equipped with MIPS technology, a system that protects your head in case of a fall no matter the angle of impact. The MIPS system is shaped like a plastic shell located inside the helmet, which moves inside the helmet structure upon impact to absorb part of the energy. In other words, the MIPS reduces the rotational forces inflicted to the head. The versatile Le Tour MIPS helmet is easy to adjust and its visor can quickly be removed so you can shape it to your needs and head out for your ride with peace of mind. Construction: In-Mold, 19 vents. Inner evacuation channels. Ringlock frame ring that ensues the helmet’s integrity. MIPS Multidirectional Impact Protection System Stabilizing system: Spiderlock Solo II Straps: Steplock adjustment Padding: Airdry, washable and sealed for enhanced durability Reflector decals: Safety first! Reflective stickers will make you more visible near motorists. Visor: Le Tour, specifically designed for the Le Tour helmet. The V-Pro system, a receptacle molded into the helmet, allows installing and removing the visor as often as desired. Removable plastic plugs are included to fill the holes when not used Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN 10.6 oz.


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