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Buy Zoot Men’s Performance Kapilani 2.0 Shoe – Review

Zoot Men's Performance Kapilani 2.0 Shoe price

Review for Zoot Men’s Performance Kapilani 2.0 Shoe

The stability you need, the light weight you crave. Winning your age group, that’s what you do. Performance gear is 100% race ready which means it’s 100% training worthy. Proven technology and craftsmanship help you perform at the peak of your potential. What is there to improve in modern running shoe foam? Plenty. Our proprietary Z-bound midsoles start by delivering better cushioning in a super-light package. Every step of the way, a runner’s energy rebounds efficiently for less stress and fatigue. There are plenty of challenges to overcome when training and racing. Forefoot fatigue shouldn’t be one of them. Zoot’s CarbonSpan+ shank provides tunable control for maximum power during toe-off and effortless forward momentum. Z-bound to dissipate shock CarbonSpan+ for support and performance feel 2 denisty midsole for essential stability


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