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Buy 2XU Women’s GHST Wetsuit – 2016 – Review

2XU Women's GHST Wetsuit - 2016 price

Review for 2XU Women’s GHST Wetsuit – 2016

Engineered with Nano SCS Coating, this light weight GHST Wetsuit offers enhanced core and body buoyancy when conquering the waves. As one of the most flexible garments on the market, this wetsuit utilizes Intermediate Zone Stretch panels and thin neoprene on the shoulders for unrestricted movement. Foam insert panels elevate the body while a CWEZ X catch panel enhances comfort and a lower leg propulsion panel increases kick power for maximum performance. Nano SCS Coating – Extra 4% buoyancy SCS Coating – Hydrodynamic silicone coating Front panel with seamless buoyancy inserts – Improved buoyancy Velocity Strakes – Hydrodynamic stability Forearm Catch and Feel Panel – Enhanced proprioception with each stroke and streamline entry into the water 40 Cell arm and chest panels for maximum buoyancy 39 Cell lower torso and leg panels for maximum buoyancy Lower leg propulsion panels increase kick power Seamless shoulder and arm panels for enhanced flexibility Transition panel – Seam overlap technology 520% stretch lining – Enhanced lateral flexibility Floating zip panel for extra distance per stroke Rollbar technology for improved core buoyancy and body position 6 size options for a specialized, comfortable fit 2 year warranty


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