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Buy 2XU Men’s Triathlon Swim Skin – 2015 – Review

2XU Men's Triathlon Swim Skin - 2015 price

Review for 2XU Men’s Triathlon Swim Skin – 2015

2XU is proud to present the industry leading Swim Skin. Previously exclusive to sponsored 2XU athletes, this suit features panels built from 2XU’s new Hydro-Tech Tri Skin fabric; engineered with Yamamoto’s next generation water slicing technology for unmatchable speed. On the back, 2XU’s new paper thin TRI SKIN delivers incredible breathability to prevent the wearer overheating in the swim. Flatlock stitching Rear semi-lock zip Seamless gripper No pad Hydro-Tech Tri Skin Fabric Engineered from Japan’s leading Yamamoto fabric, this world-class Hydro-Tech Tri Skin is tested and proven to be the fastest on the planet. With the lowest possible drag coefficient and a high gauge knit structure, swimmers will enjoy greater muscle support, streamlined tracking and power output than ever before. Tri Skin Fabric A high gauge woven fabric, 2XU’s Tri Skin is ultra light weight, incredibly breathable and quick drying. Best in class for speed; both through the water and air.


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