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Buy Profile Design RM-10 – Review

Profile Design RM-10 price

Review for Profile Design RM-10

Featuring the new elliptical arch mount with a unique side-loading clamp for tilt adjustability. The RM-10 is designed specifically for bikes featuring the 10mm Saddle Clamp standard. It enables the rider to replace the cylinder nuts that secure the clamp to the seatpost with a bracket that holds a hydration system. The Arch clamp allows for 140 of adjustment allowing the cage to slide under saddles with a transition tab. To add to the versatility this system can run 1 or 2 cages to customize for training or racing. Replaces the cylinder nuts on the 10mm seatpost saddle clamp standard. Multiple bolt placement along bracket for multi-saddle compatibilty Patent pending arch clamp provides 14 degrees of adjustment Construction: Steel post with Aluminum clamp Adjustment: 14 degrees of tilt adjustment Color: Matte Black Weight: 130G Capacity: 1 or 2 Vise Kages (1 cage included)


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