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Buy DeSoto Men’s Forza Tri Jersey – Review

DeSoto Men's Forza Tri Jersey price

Review for DeSoto Men’s Forza Tri Jersey

Made entirely of SkinCooler! This light weight, high-end tri jersey is constructed of SkinCooler Stretch Fabric and is flatstitched. It has a 12-inch YKK zipper and highlighted with Carrera Skin color contrast. It is a great racing piece, but works very well for training with its three optimally functional back pockets. It can also be worn under a wetsuit, and will provide you with the coolest coverage for hot days. The fabric filters 75% of UVB rays, so we advise you to wear with sunscreen. This item is not designed for repeated use as a swim suit in a chlorinated pool. Made entirely of Skin Cooler 3 Back Pockets 12″ YKK Front Zipper


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