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Buy Craft Womens Elite Tri Top – Review

Craft Womens Elite Tri Top price

Review for Craft Womens Elite Tri Top

The CRAFT WOMEN’S ELITE TRI TOP features a new generation fabric called DUAL which has REPOC technology, this reduces the contact points between the garment and the skin (REPOC: reduced point of contact). This generates a micro-circulation of the air to avoid ‘sticky’ fabric on humid skin. The DUAL weaving technology ensures rapid moisture transportation and an ever-dry effect. The arm/shoulder area of this garment are made with the Superlight Moving Wing, which is a six channeled open polyester mesh. It is super cooling and soft to the touch, thus Moving Wing creates total freedom of movement. With the UPF 50+ sun protection, this top is the perfect addition to your triathlon wardrobe. DUAL Fabric-constant circulation to avoid sticky skin in humid weather Moving Wing-Total freedom of movement Fabric is lightweight/soft Excellent breathability, durability, and ultra fast dry time UPF 50+ Chlorine Resistant Flat thread stitching Front Zip 3 Rear Pockets Fabric: Polyester, Polyamide, Elastane Sizes: S-XL Colors: Bright Red/White, Craft Green, Black


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