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Buy Blue Seventy Men’s Alliance SwimRun Wetsuit – 2019 – Review

Blue Seventy Men's Alliance SwimRun Wetsuit - 2019 price

Review for Blue Seventy Men’s Alliance SwimRun Wetsuit – 2019

IT’S NOT ANOTHER SUIT. IT’S A WHOLE NEW SPORT.This highly anticipated suit brings together three years of race proven testing and technical design refinement. It is designed to give you the edge in and out of the water, producing faster swim splits and greater levels of comfort on the run. The ALLIANCE proves your blueseventy wetsuit shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed in the water for speed on land. BUOYANCY + – 4mm panels throughout the suit provide a high swimming position and take the load off heavy legs. FRONT ZIPPER – An extended front zip allows you to unzip the suit on the run keeping your core body temp down. TAILORED ARMS – The Alliance comes with full internal seam taping at the arms for a clean cut at desired length. INTERNAL POCKETS – 2 internal pockets located on both sides of the stomach are perfect for smaller required items and nutrition. BACK POCKET – An over sized back pocket is accessible from the outside. Sits at the small of the back making it comfortable in the water and on the run. TETHER LOOPS – Built-in loops situated on either side of the rear allow easy tethering access via cord or caribiner. RUGGED RUBBER – Built with durable neoprene because SwimRun is a rough sport and your suit is built to handle the toughest conditions. FLEXIBILITY – Thinner panels strategically placed at the hips and legs allow you to focus on your stride and not what you’re wearing.


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