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Buy POC Men’s Raceday Aero Jersey – 2017 – Review

POC Men's Raceday Aero Jersey - 2017 price

Review for POC Men’s Raceday Aero Jersey – 2017

The high-performance Aero Jersey has been designed and developed to improve aerodynamic efficiency and offers a combination of low weight, comfort and excellent moisture management.The woven stretch fabric used on the back and shoulders has a dimpled surface, designed to reduce drag and improve aerodynamic performance. The fabric in the front, neck and lower back is highly breathable and the mesh inserts under the arms provide full freedom of movement and additional ventilation.The Aero Jersey has a full-length zip, three laser cut pockets and elastic cuffs with grip, which provides a comfortable and streamlined fit.TECHNICAL FEATURES Woven stretch 3D fabric with a dimpled surface for low drag. Breathable 4-way stretch fabric. Mesh inserts under the arms for ventilation. Race fit. Elastic cuffs with grip. Three rear pockets. Coldblack technology to reduce heat build-up. Full-length YKK zipper. UPF 50+.


Buy Blue Seventy Men’s PZ4TX Swimskin – 2019 – Review

Blue Seventy Men's PZ4TX Swimskin - 2019 price

Review for Blue Seventy Men’s PZ4TX Swimskin – 2019

When it came time to develop the next generation of our legendary swim skin family it began in 2011, mere months after we launched the PZ3TX to compile with the new textile standards of WTC. Prototype after prototype produced marginal results.We faced a problem – everything we came up with wasn’t faster then our industry leading PZ3TX. It wasn’t until the development phase of a yet to be released new competition pool race suit that we tested some exciting new fabrics. We’re pleased to introduce a new swim skin worthy of the pointzero3 name. The PZ4TX features advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested fabrics offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance. No other brand has a better understanding of what is needed in a swim skin to produce faster times and better results.The PZ4TX features four different fabrics designed for optimal compression, fit and speed. The front fabric is lightweight and hydrophobic. Through extensive testing we found this fabric produces huge gains in time particularly with beginner swimmers. The sides are made up of an innovative fabric with vertical lines that improves hydrodynamics and increaseses forward motion. This fabric has also proven to compliment the front and back compression sections making the PZ4TX very easy to fit. White heat reflective fabric in the upper back, highly compressive to reduce drag, while allowing optimal thermoregulation for warmer swims. The lower back uses ultra-thin fabric further reducing the weight while maintaining superior heat retention and elasticity.COMPRESSION: Provides extraordinary elasticity, optimal muscular compression, an excellent fit, great coverage and exceptionally breathable.LOW DRAG: Ultra sonic bonded seams for seamless surface flow.LOCKING ZIPPER: Advanced YKK auto locking zipper (no string or lanyard needed). This unique zipper system reduces drag, is faster to remove and due to it’s lightweight and flexibility, more comfortable.DURABILITY: Retains shape and fit longer.


Buy Spinervals Competition Series 4.0 Muscle Breakdown – Review

Spinervals Competition Series 4.0 Muscle Breakdown price

Review for Spinervals Competition Series 4.0 Muscle Breakdown

In order to become a stronger cyclist, you need to overload your system and break it down. Overload followed by rest and proper nutrition allows your muscle to rebuild and become stronger. In Spinervals 4.0 – Muscle Breakdown, you will experience a level of training intensity that does just that breaks the muscle down! A variety of effective interval sets in this 45 minute workout add up to one of the best indoor cycling workouts ever produced! Length: 45 minutes Difficult level: 8.5


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