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Buy Zoot Men’s Performance CompressRx ThermoMegaHeat+ Mock – Review

Zoot Men's Performance CompressRx ThermoMegaHeat+ Mock price

Review for Zoot Men’s Performance CompressRx ThermoMegaHeat+ Mock

Less fatigue. Faster recovery. More time training. Zoot’s graduated compression technology puts compression precisely where your muscles need it. And that is the secret to getting faster, going further, feeling stronger. Compression is about improving blood flow back to the heart. If a garment is simply tight all over, it may facilitate flow in some areas while restricting it in others. CRx provides graduated compression. With progressively more pressure being applied further from your heart, the speed of blood circulation is maximized. MegaHeat is a multifaceted technology that keeps you warm by hyper-wicking moisture away from your body. The sweat, itself, generates heat through a chemical process, and amplifies the sun’s ultraviolet rays into readily accessible heat. ThermoMegoHeat+ with 20% spandex provides maximum comfort and ensures warmth Nylon face for soft feel and long-lasting durability ZoneRx – Muscle-specific zones of compression stabilize the back and core muscles Dynamic X Proprioception panel with 240 denier spandex supports the back and minimizes muscle vibration SeamLink stitch construction ensures next-to-skin comfort Reflective logos for safety UPF 50+ sun protection Fabric: Body: 211 g. ThermoMegaHeat+ 80% nylon / 20% spandex Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Colors: Black


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