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Buy 2XU Women’s Compression Tri Singlet – 2017 – Review

2XU Women's Compression Tri Singlet - 2017 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Compression Tri Singlet – 2017

WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS AND ONLY THE BEST WILL DO. The difference between winning and losing can be very small coming down to fractions of seconds or the smallest of margins. Our best in class ELITE range of products utilise the latest technology and fabrics to provide you with the winning edge. ICE X TECHNOLOGY Utilising the worlds most advanced cooling techonoloy. We have yarns with Xylitol for surface fabric cooling, UV reflectors so garment will not absorb the heat from the sun. HALF ZIP WITH ERGONOMIC PANELING Swim, ride and run without restrictions. COMPRESSION PANELING For added support to improve posture for the bike and run for greater efficiency. REAR POCKETS


Buy Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Photochromic Lens – 2017 – Review

Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Photochromic Lens - 2017 price

Review for Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Photochromic Lens – 2017

The Crankum is fully adjustable so the nose pads and temple tips can be tuned for a perfect fit. The semi-rim, broken frame design optimizes airflow and reduces weight. Medium-Large Fit: Lens Width: 135mm HYDROPHILIC, ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS + TEMPLE TIPS 100% UVA, UVB, AND UVC PROTECTIONPHOTOCHROMIC LENSES – LIGHTEN & DARKEN AUTOMATICALLYWhen the light changes the tint changes. The science behind it is complicated but the result is as simple as that.When exposed to sunlight, the lenses will start to darken instantly. The time they take to reach maximum darkness depends on a number of factors, including the intensity of sunlight and air temperature. Generally speaking, the adjustment from light to dark is quite rapid.If sunlight intensity gradually changes, the lenses will gradually change with it. If the intensity suddenly drops off, the lenses will start to change instantly but the adjustment from dark to light is slightly slower than the rapid adjustment from light to dark.GRILAMID TR90 FRAMESGrilamid TR90 is without question the best frame material for sports eyewear. It’s highly flexible, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight, making our frames very accommodating, comfortable, safe, and long-lasting. The flexibility of our TR90 frames is a big reason why they’re so comfortable, durable, and safe-ideal for almost any athletic endeavor.


Buy 2XU Women’s Perform Tri Singlet – 2019 – Review

2XU Women's Perform Tri Singlet - 2019 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Perform Tri Singlet – 2019

Re-engineered in accordance with RMIT University’s latest research, the Perform Tri Singlet delivers the advanced cooling and ventilation technologies required to conquer the rigors of triathlon. The Italian SBR VENT fabric is designed to keep you as cool and aerodynamic as possible, paired perfectly with SENSOR MESH X zoned paneling for vital moisture management and air flow management. SBR POWER – Built to control muscle stabilization for unmatched power and durability ERGONOMIC PANELING ENGINEERED FOR WOMEN – Providing unrivaled comfort and maximizing aerodynamics EASILY ACCESSIBLE REAR POCKETS – To hold your race-day essentialsFABRIC BENEFITS SBR VENT (CF AND CB PANELS):This Italian fabric, engineered in accordance with RMIT University’s fabric technology testing, delivers extreme cooling properties while being exceptionally aerodynamic. Low denier construction, 3D mesh structure and cross-section yarns ensure the ultimate fabric to keep your body cool, dry and comfortable. SENSOR MESH X (MESH PANELS): Utilizing a nylon-LYCRA fiber matrix with high-filament hydrophilic nylon yarn and optimal air flow engineering, Sensor Mesh represents the ultimate in moisture management. With the inclusion of LYCRA fiber from Invista, unparalleled comfort is assured.


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