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Buy Orca Men’s Core Basic Tri Race Suit – 2018 – Review

Orca Men's Core Basic Tri Race Suit - 2018 price

Review for Orca Men’s Core Basic Tri Race Suit – 2018

The Core Race Suit is synonymous with aerodynamics and comfort. It is made from environmentally friendly Italian-made recycled nylon to offer you the perfect fit, sun protection and maximum breathability. The grip at the bottom of the trousers prevents the suit from moving about while you’re training or competing. You can also keep everything you need in its rear pockets to have within easy reach at all times.Long life fabrics The long-lasting Italian fabric is made from LYCRA XTRA LIFETM, which gives it greater resistance to wear. It’s the perfect fabric for long-distance competition and training.Aquastretch This lightweight fabric dries quickly and provides greater breathability, while its skin repels water. Orca Enduro makes it easier to glide through the water when swimming.Vapor side panels Combined with a rear Soft Mesh panel, the Vapor side panels offer greater breathability and comfort where you need it the most.Eco-friendly The fabrics are made from 80% recycled nylon.Interior support For shorter competitions, the chamois is replaced by a in inner anti-chafing fabric.Elastic Grip The elastic grip at the bottom keeps the trousers in place, providing unrivalled comfort.Storage The rear pockets have all the space you need to carry your nutrition bars and have them close at hand for when you need them.


Buy DeSoto Men’s Carrera Triathlon Jersey – Review

DeSoto Men's Carrera Triathlon Jersey price

Review for DeSoto Men’s Carrera Triathlon Jersey

Form fitting around the shoulders. This tri jersey is made of Carrera skin with Liquid Mesh panels and is cut long enough to cover your abdomen and has 3 back pockets. It is assembled with De Soto’s Microlock stitch, and a 12-inch YKK zipper. It absorbs minimal water enabling use under a wetsuit and makes a great rash guard. The high-cut neck is designed to eliminate the scooping of air when looking forward on the bike, even in the aero position. Un-zip for comfort and cooling on the run. This Tri Jersey is 1.5″ longer in front and 2.5″ longer in back compared to De Soto’s Carrera Tri Top. Not designed for repeated use in a chlorinated pool.


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