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Buy Jelly Belly Sport Beans With Caffeine – Box of 24 – Review

Jelly Belly Sport Beans With Caffeine - Box of 24 price

Review for Jelly Belly Sport Beans With Caffeine – Box of 24

The newest hot product from the makers of Jelly Belly! Sport Beans are formulated with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins C and E. They’re the ideal portable power for endurance athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts of all types. In fact, Sport Beans fit the needs of anyone looking for a fast, great-tasting source of energy.


Buy Sugoi LTD Arm Sleeve – 2017 – Review

Sugoi LTD Arm Sleeve - 2017 price

Review for Sugoi LTD Arm Sleeve – 2017

Complete your road kit with these limited edition arm sleeves. Essential coverage for early morning starts and high alpine descents. Sublimated graphics to complete your riding kit UPF rating 50+ for top level sun protection Bicep Circumference – Small (29-33cm), Medium (33-37cm), Large (37-41cm), X-Large (41-45cm)


Buy Zone3 Lightweight Race Visor – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Lightweight Race Visor - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Lightweight Race Visor – 2019

The Zone3 Lightweight Visor is the perfect headwear for training and racing in the sun and rain, keeping you cool and protected for the duration of your run. The Visor peak is the perfect shape and size to protect the face from the suns rays or rain, whilst the breathable inner lining absorbs and wicks away sweat preventing the pain and discomfort of perspiration in your eyes mid run. Ultra-lightweight Breathable inner lining Adjustable curved peak Adjustable velcro strap Reflective logos


Buy Zone3 Race Belt with Gel Loops – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Race Belt with Gel Loops - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Race Belt with Gel Loops – 2019

A Triathlon essential which is used to keep your race number in place during the swim, cycle and run disciplines; the easiest way to save time in transition! Simply fasten your number to the belt using the toggles and you’re ready to go.Using toggles instead of a popper style of belt means that you are able to use the belt under wetsuits without the worry of losing your number.Each belt comes complete with three energy gel loops so you can keep your nutrition close to hand for when you need it! They are made from a new nylon fabric for extra grip so there is no chance that your gels could come loose. There is also a size adjustor to cater for a range of different waist sizes.


Buy Sugoi Women’s RS Tri Short – 2015 – Review

Sugoi Women's RS Tri Short - 2015 price

Review for Sugoi Women’s RS Tri Short – 2015

The RS Tri collection uses low drag fabric and hydrodynamic design features for a high performance race day fit. Ultra Aero fabric on outer thighs for maximum aero efficiency Low profile leg band with silicone printed innertape locks the short in place while eliminating leg constriction Incorporates Sugoi’s industry leading RS short technology Engineered fabric on front panels for increased breathability 6 Inch Inseam Tri Lite 2 Chamois – Seamless laminated wicking knit surface layer – Micro-ventilation in critical areas – Next-to-skin open cell foam is infused with Silver ions for antimicrobial effect – Molded center channel for pressure relief


Buy Orca Women’s Sonar Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2017 – Review

Orca Women's Sonar Fullsleeve Wetsuit - 2017 price

Review for Orca Women’s Sonar Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2017

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy this intermediate level suit bridges the features of the entry level and top level suits perfectly.BUOYANCY – The placement of 4mm Aerodome 2 in the lower back of the suit helps to lift the body into the most efficient swimming position.FLEXIBILITY – The new SuperStretch lining combined with thinner InfinitySKN 1.5mm arms than the previous Sonar mean that the Sonar is now even more flexible through the full rotation of the stroke – allowing for freedom of movement not previously seen in this intermediate level suit.ADAPTABILITY – Male and female specific front buoyancy panels mean that the optimum buoyancy balance for different body shapes can now be achieved.SPEED – SCS coated Yamamoto neoprene is used in special Hydrolite panels in the ankles of the suit combined with a stretchy lining that absorbs less water to improve buoyancy and is super sleek, making the Sonar even faster to remove in transition. Yamamoto The Yamamoto Corporation is the world’s main supplier of high performance neoprene. It’s seal represents quality, technology and innovation. SCS Acting as a coating over closed-cell neoprene, Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the smoothskin neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits, to reduce friction and increase speed through the water. The micro-cell structure of SCS coating repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water. Less friction = more speed! InfinitySKN It’s what’s on the inside that counts and Orca’s unique InfinitySkn lining plays an integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of our top end wetsuits. Constructed from a high stretch nylon, InfinitySkn is strategically placed where ultimate stretch is required and allows the wetsuit to move dynamically through your swim stroke. 39 Cell Yamamoto 39 cell is an extremely flexible neoprene which supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. 39 cell extends to a 513% elongation rate, meaning this material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight variation can mean only one thing: more speed. A fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility, 39 cell is a durable material which will stand the test of time and distance (when properly cared for), representing the best neoprene available in it’s class. Aerodome 2 Beneath the dimpled surface of Orca’s Aerodome 39 cell neoprene are hundreds of air cavities, which provide 30% more buoyancy than normal 5mm neoprene. Aerodome panels are strategically placed around the heaviest parts of the body, lifting you into the optimum swimming position. Aerodome 2 is an upgrade that uses a new lining to increase flexibility and comfort. Super Stretch The all-new SuperStretch lining featured on the chest of the Sonar is a light weight lining that is super stretchy due to it’s makeup and the way it has been knitted. It absorbs little water, meaning the panel stays more buoyant and contributes to making the chest really stretchy for unrestricted breathing. Backpack Included – Orca equips you to go further faster in our wetsuit, and sends you on your way to conquer the seven seas with a handy backpack to carry it in.


Buy Pedro’s Vise Whip Cassette Removal Tool – 2019 – Review

Pedro's Vise Whip Cassette Removal Tool - 2019 price

Review for Pedro’s Vise Whip Cassette Removal Tool – 2019

Do you just LOVE fumbling with awkward tools, slamming you knuckles into sharp gear teeth, and making tasks harder than they should be?? If so, you should stop reading and give your chain whip a big hug! However, if you’ve been looking to throw your chain whip into the woods, never to be seen again, you’ve come to the right place. The Pedro’s Vise Whip is simply a better solution for holding your cassette during removal. This innovative tool was developed by Pedro’s in close collaboration with legendary frame builder and cycling technical author Lennard Zinn. The Vise Whip is beautifully simple to use, adjusts to fit 11-23 tooth gears on all multi-gear cassettes including 11-speed, and locks in place during use. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to a chain whip again. Innovative locking cassette removal tool available only from Pedro’s Secure, no-slip, no bloody knuckles, way to hold cassette during removal – once you try it you’ll never go back! Made from heat-treated tool steel for the ultimate in strength and long-lasting performance Adjustable to fit 11-23 tooth gear sizes Compatible with all multi-gear cassettes including 11-Speed


Buy TYR Riptide Drag Chute – 2019 – Review

TYR Riptide Drag Chute - 2019 price

Review for TYR Riptide Drag Chute – 2019

Take your training to the next level with the TYR Riptide Drag Chute.Designed for controlled resistance training, the LDRAGCH parachute catches water at starts and turns for athletes looking to strengthen their practice regimen. For comfort during extended sessions this lightweight product also includes a padded mesh waistband and adjustable buoy and nylon webbing for tangle free feet. Parachute catches water at start and turns Fully adjustable for controlled resistance training Buoy and silicone cord keep swimmer’s feet tangle-free Padded waistband for comfort


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