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Buy Orca Men’s Core Short Sleeve Tri Race Suit – 2017 – Review

Orca Men's Core Short Sleeve Tri Race Suit - 2017 price

Review for Orca Men’s Core Short Sleeve Tri Race Suit – 2017

Providing a short sleeve aerodynamic race suit at an entry level price, the Core Men’s Short Sleeve Race Suit utilizes a mix of lightweight Aquastretch and highly breathable Vapour fabrics. Strategically placed hidden pockets provide easy access to your nutrition and the 6mm Tri-Support Chamois gives greater comfort on the bike – making this suit ideal for triathlon. SHORT SLEEVE DESIGN – Providing greater aerodynamics on the bike as well as further sun protection coverage this short sleeve design gives a price-point option for those looking for a fast sleeved race suit. AQUASTRETCH – This light weight fabric dries fast and provides supreme breathability, while it’s Orca Enduro Water repellent coating improves glide through the swim. VAPOUR SIDE PANELS – Combined with a soft mesh back panel, these Vapour side panels provide extra breathability and comfort where you need it most. TRI-SUPPORT CHAMOIS – This 6mm Italian chamois with 120kg density and improved pressure line and slim design gives greater comfort on the bike


Buy DeSoto Women’s Carrera Micro Tri Bra – 2019 – Review

DeSoto Women's Carrera Micro Tri Bra - 2019 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Carrera Micro Tri Bra – 2019

New, full mesh back. Why? Well because although so many of you simply love the style, fit and shape of this popular Bra Top, we have decided to take it to the next level. Double mesh back not only adds a flair of fashion, but it also allows for maximum breathability both while wearing solo or while layering with the De Soto Carrera Tri Top or the flirty slimming De Soto Carrera Ruffle Top. What remains the same is the T-back style made of Carrera Skin in double lined front for maximum support and comfort. T-back style made of Carrera Skin Double lined front Full mesh back


Buy Zoot Women’s SpeedZoot – Review

Zoot Women's SpeedZoot price

Review for Zoot Women’s SpeedZoot

Zoot manufactures technical triathlon gear for every level, from the dabbler to the expert. Whatever you need for your race, Zoot has you covered. Designed for non-wetsuit legal races (approved by USAT) Yamamoto SCS Nano swim technology in a non-buoyant race-day swim suit BIOwrap construction and Dynamic X support Rear zip for quick removal in transition


Buy Speedo Women’s Flipturns Watermelon Propel Back Swimsuit – 2019 – Review

Speedo Women's Flipturns Watermelon Propel Back Swimsuit - 2019 price

Review for Speedo Women’s Flipturns Watermelon Propel Back Swimsuit – 2019

ProLT Fabric:THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR SHORT SEASON SWIMMERS AND WATER LOVERSIf you’re looking for an effective suit at a price that won’t break the bank, the ProLT fabric offers an incredible balance of value, comfort, and style.STRETCH, RECOVER AND REPEATDiscover an affordable, enduring swim fabric. At the heart of Speedo’s ProLT fabric is the realization that fitness and recreation swimmers need a suit that holds up in between swims. Any suit that uses ProLT fabric will be with you swim after swim, even if you wait months between visits to the pool. This funky training suit is perfect for swimmers who want to bring standout style to the water. Part of Speedo’s Flipturns collection, it’s constructed of durable ProLT fabric for outstanding comfort and durability swim after swim. Propel back offers a great mix of coverage and mobility. Propel back with keyhole opening – Features thin straps that sit closer to the shoulder blades with a wide-open keyhole for optimum range of motion. Great shape retention Front and back lining Fabric: 85% polyester/15% spandex


Buy Ryders Saber Interchangeable Sunglasses – Review

Ryders Saber Interchangeable Sunglasses price

Review for Ryders Saber Interchangeable Sunglasses

Medium/small fit Regular nose bridge Adjustable nose pads Temple padsFRAME MATERIALS:TR90 SWITZERLAND A Swiss technology, this thermoplastic is the material used in all of our sunglasses (with the exception of our metal frames). Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.HYDROPHILIC NOSE PADS + TEMPLE TIPSHydrophilic [anti-slip] nose pads are an important feature to look for in performance eyewear. Hydrophilic temple tips give that extra little bit of grip that can come in handy in many situations. The material we use to make these features is so effective that it actually grips better when it’s wet – exactly when it’s needed.INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES:INCLUDES 3 SETS OF EASY-TO-CHANGE LENSES The technology used in our Interchangeable lenses is exactly the same as that used in our regular fixed lenses. The difference is that each frame comes with three sets of easy-to-change lenses, in different shades and colours. This allows you to choose one frame that fits you best without being concerned with whether or not you chose the right lens colour for your activities. A zipper case and a lens carrying pouch is included, so you can pack your extra lenses when you head out on longer adventures. ONE FRAME INCLUDES 3 SETS OF LENSES:· dark lens for medium to bright conditions · contrast lens to increase contrast and depth perception in medium to low light conditions · clear lens to protect against the elements in low to very low light conditions


Buy Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy/Dry Bag Donut – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy/Dry Bag Donut - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy/Dry Bag Donut – 2019

This style of dry bag offers swimmers the rare opportunity to access products whilst in the open water. The donut shaped buoy features a double lined central dry bag which means you can assess a drink, nutrition, spare goggles, Go Pro etc whilst on the move.Although it doesn’t offer as much space as Zone3’s 28L bag option, it is extremely versatile. The brightly colored inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your important kit whilst you swim and for use as an inflatable buoy, for increased visibility in open water.The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer’s waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke-range whilst swimming.The bag is highly recommended for all open water swimmers who may need to carry their valuables when going for a swim, or anyone who wants extra visibility when swimming in the open water.When the buoy is lying flat it measures 45cm x 34cm.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING YOUR ZONE3 DRY BAG BUOY: Fill the bag with your desired kit before or after the bag is inflated Roll over the top of the bag until it is tightly folded Fold over and clip together the two ends at the top Inflate using the mouth piece Finally, attach the waistband


Buy Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate Compression Sock – 2019 – Review

Sockwell Women's Circulator Moderate Compression Sock - 2019 price

Review for Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate Compression Sock – 2019

Graduated compression socks that you can wear to work! Keeps blood from pooling below the ankle to prevent swelling. Minimizes varicose veins by increasing circulation. Graduated pressure prevents fatigue.Sockwell’s moderate compression series will help improve circulation when you need or want extra support in your day. Moderate 15-20MMHG Compression Recommended For: All day and every day wear Prolonged sitting or standing Flying and travel Exercise and recovery Minor to moderate swelling of the feet Minor to moderate varicose veinsFEATURES: Spandex throughout sock Graduated Compression Leg Turn Welt Top Arch Support Seamless Toe Closure Cashmerino bamboo provides natural odor control, thermoregulation and is blister-resistant


Buy TYR Women’s Swarm Diamondfit Swimsuit – 2019 – Review

TYR Women's Swarm Diamondfit Swimsuit - 2019 price

Review for TYR Women’s Swarm Diamondfit Swimsuit – 2019

Stay a step ahead of the competition in the TYR Women’s Swarm Diamondfit Swimsuit.Designed for today’s athlete, the DSWA7A is constructed with TYR’s most breathable textile, Durafast Lite. Featuring a medium neckline, sleek/flexible straps, keyhole back and moderate cut leg, the Diamondfit is ideal for athletes who want reliable coverage during every swim. In addition to a bold print and black trim, the Swarm is created with UPF 50+ technology and provides sun safety for every outdoor activity.TYR performance swimsuits are fully lined, ensure 360 degree range of motion and sustain an impressive 200+ hours of performance.Durafast Lite: 88% Polyester/ 12% Spandex Durafast Lite Fabric: 200+ Hours of Performance, Ultra-lite, UPF 50+ Technology, 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex Fully lined Diamondfit: Sleek, flexible straps with a medium neckline, keyhole back and a moderate cut leg


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