Buy Spinervals Competition Series 11.0 Big Gear Strength – Review

Spinervals Competition Series 11.0 Big Gear Strength price

Review for Spinervals Competition Series 11.0 Big Gear Strength

Develop cycling specific strength and power with this incredibly effective workout. Join Coach Troy Jacobson and the athletes of Team Excel in this hour long session of big gear low cadence strength building intervals designed to increase your power output and speed. This workout is a MUST HAVE for any serious cyclist. Length: 55 minutes Difficulty level: 9.3


Buy Runervals 3.0 Cheetah Fast! – Review

Runervals 3.0 Cheetah Fast! price

Review for Runervals 3.0 Cheetah Fast!

Train with Coach Troy and several elite runners, including 2000 U.S. Olympic triathlete and Olympic marathon trials runner Joanna Zeiger. This 45 minute high intensity treadmill workout is designed to increase your strength and speed like no other. Add this workout to your training regimen, and a PR is in your future! This workout has been DIGITALLY REMASTERED.Length: 45 minutes Difficulty level: 9.0


Buy One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike, and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes – Review

One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike, and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes price

Review for One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike, and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes

The growing ranks of triathletes, runners, and cyclists are filled with working professionals, many of them juggling work, family, and workouts. One-Hour Workouts is the perfect solution for athletes who are pressed for time.Even endurance athletes can get a quality training session in one hour if the workout is focused. In One-Hour Workouts, three prominent coaches have teamed up to prove just that. Former professional triathlete Scott Molina (The Terminator), Mark Newton, and Michael Jacques give athletes smart workouts that will complement their existing training and keep season goals on track even in the busiest of weeks.Each of the 50 swim, bike, and run workouts is designed to fit into a lunch hour, including warm-up and cool-down. Athletes can choose a base, tempo, or speed workout for according to their training goals for the day.One of the cardinal rules for the committed athlete is “never miss a workout,” and with this book, athletes will greatly improve their chances of making that happen. In fact, when they begin to see positive results, they will undoubtedly reach for the more efficient workout more often.


Buy Heart Zones Cycling – Review

Heart Zones Cycling price

Review for Heart Zones Cycling

Begin a smarter cycling lifestyle with this no-nonsense training philosophy. Edwards and Reed are the authorities on training with a heart rate monitor, and Heart Zones Cycling takes the proven advantages of heart zones training one step further. You can build a plan that works for your specific body type, your unique abilities and limitations. And equally important is life off the bikemeaning your training plan must be realistic, adaptable, and challenging. Whether you are training for a big race or simply a fitter lifestyle, youll find the program you need and plenty of inspiration along the way. Features over 50 outdoor training rides and the latest cycling technology. Paperback. with charts and tables throughout. 7 3/8″ x 9 1/4″, 256 pp.


Buy Precision Outdoor Sports – Review

Precision Outdoor Sports price

Review for Precision Outdoor Sports

Read this book and you will learn: The benefits of monitoring your Heart Rate. How to use Precision Outdoor workouts to enhance your outdoor activities. How to combine several types of activities and live the outdoor lifestyle. Tips, techniques and which equipment to choose to make your outdoor pursuits even better. OUTDOOR SPORTS covered within this book Hiking/walking/trekking. Trail Running. Mountain Biking Adventure Racing Nordic Skiing Snowshoeing Paddle Sports-canoe and kayak.


Buy Total Immersion Backstroke for Every Body – Review

Total Immersion Backstroke for Every Body price

Review for Total Immersion Backstroke for Every Body

Each DVD includes: ” Live Lesson” segments in which Terry teaches you each step of the learning sequence ” Beneath the Surface” segments in which you can study the key refinements and coordination of each step in slow motion and from every angle, above and below the surface. A section showing TI Coaches practicing the drills and skills for each stroke.


Buy Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston DVD – Review

Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston DVD price

Review for Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston DVD

Thirty minutes of breaststroke like you’ve never seen it before! NCAA Champion Dave Denniston demonstrates 6 key focus points to help you develop breaststroke speed and technique — while you train. All great swimmers will tell you: Don’t just train…train with more thought. Do everything your coach asks, and then do just a little more…and do it with focus and attention to detail. But what should breaststrokers think about to develop perfect technique and to go fast? GO SWIM BREASTSTROKE offers 6 easy answers, and you don’t have to learn drills or change your normal workout routine in order to incorporate them into your stroke. You can start to apply them immediately, next time you go to the pool. Regardless of your age or swimming level, novice to elite, the concepts illustrated in this fast-paced and informative video can help take your breaststroke to the next level. Discover 6 key points of fast breaststroke. This video illustrates them clearly and makes them easy to understand and practice. Learn WHY each of the key points is important, and HOW each one will help you go faster. Each focus point is illustrated from multiple angles — side, head-on, overhead, rear — and from above and below the surface. Slow-motion and freeze-frame footage allows you to zoom in on key moves (including pullouts) and really SEE how to do them. See how NCAA Champion Dave Denniston incorporates the focal points into his stroke, even at race pace. Use Dave’s favorite drills to practice each key elementor just GO SWIM. The 6 simple focal points will help you improve, even without drills. Special laminated Stroke Guide helps you remember each focal point when you go to the pool. DAVE DENNISTON was a member of the 1999 NCAA Championship-winning Auburn University Swim Team. He is a NCAA Champion (1999), US Olympic Trials Finalist (2000 and 2004), and a member of the 2003 USA World Championship Team. GLENN MILLS was a member of the 1980 Olympic Team (200M Breaststroke) and 1982 USA World Championship Team, as well as 1983 NCAA Champion. He has coached at every level of the sport, from club to USS to elite, and has directed hundreds of weekend workshops and summer swim camps. In his more than twenty years as teacher and coach, he has worked with thousands of swimmers, helping them to develop technique and speed. He is currently technical adviser to Swimming World Magazine.


Buy Epic Vermont Cycling DVD – Review

Epic Vermont Cycling DVD price

Review for Epic Vermont Cycling DVD

Enjoy a challenging indoor cycling workout as you take a virtual ride on one of Vermont’s epic routes… and climb to the top of Appalachian Gap! Cycle the roads of the Mad River Valley. Climb almost 2,000 feet over the top of Appalachian Gap, a key part of the Green Mountain Stage Race. Speed down the back side of the Gap at over 30 mph. Ride the paceline into the charming New England village of Bristol. Get your money’s worth with THREE different professional workouts! Workout 1 – All Out Assault of the Top Workout 2 – Training your Aerobic Engine Workout 3 – Recovery Training


Buy Triathlon Training Basics – Review

Triathlon Training Basics price

Review for Triathlon Training Basics

Triathlon Training Basics contains all the information that new triathletes need in order to successfully complete a sprint or an Olympic distance triathlon. Written by Gale Bernhardt, Triathlete columnist, member of the USA Triathlon 2004 Olympic Team Selection Committee, and certified Elite Level Triathlon and Cycling Coach trainer, the book contains detailed training plans that are tailored to different levels of fitness in each of the swim, bike, and run categories. Strength training and stretching portions are included to illustrate proper form and the last chapter deals with injury prevention and treatment. 256 pages


Buy Endurance Core – Review

Endurance Core price

Review for Endurance Core

This follow along strength and conditioning program is designed specifically for the cyclists and endurance athlete. Workouts are divided into several easy to follow endurance sport specific routines including novice, intermediate and advanced progressions. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, Core training is the key to maximizing power, preventing injury and enhancing performance.


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